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Dr Ghost Wolf's    Personal Web Site  Chamber II

The Journey Continues, as life renews itself ...

                                by the way haven't we seen you here before?

Y  Gwir  Yn  Erbin  Y Byd

The Grandfathers Speak

The Prophecies Shared by Ghost Wolf
My Personal Prophesy Page

A work in progress. There is more on this website than you will find in most books, and there is a lot mote in Dr Ghost Wolf's 5 books contained in the 'prophecy series.

 Dr. Ghost Wolf _ Prophecies for  the Awakening

The End of Days Prophecies   

Part 2  in a series of 9

Winter Solstice of 2004


'Through The Looking Glass'

The In Depth Interview

Listen on demand -Prophecy Keepers Radio 

        Tsunamis, Super Earthquakes, Time Shifts,  our ancestors from the Stars the Ring of Fire.   Dr. Ghost Wolf has been called " One of the most important Prophets of out Times..." Here  he shares with us some  prophetic visions of developing events, some will prove inevitable, others we may still have the ability to alter the outcomes  through right will and prayer.  

        Earth, Wind, Fire & Water all the Elements have engaged in the War of Valued Life.  The Cycle of the Cleansing of the Waters has now been let loose.  " We will see the Earth and Rocks will move like rivers, reshaping the landscape of the Americas, then the Volcanoes will begin to speak and the Earth will tremble like an old woman with fever In many places we will not be able to drink the water.  For the Third Little Devil Speaking Wind and I forewarned you about those  years ago is now manifest."

(Click the image above)

The Clock ... The Clock?  Oh Yes the Clock


Due to popular request  we have made available

 PART 1  Summer Solstice  2004 Readings



Visits with tomorrows Masters of technology. For the benefit of humanity, healing, and sustainable ecology a Journey that takes you  to the forefront of an awakening world

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein


Prophecy Keepers Radio  

with host Will (Blue Otter) Anderson 

You may want to find out about the revealing of the Third Prophecy of Fatima  available through Prophecy Keepers... Click the Buffalo Skulls !

Prophecy Keepers is  A Native American owned and operated webcast - -Wisdom from the White Roots of Peace Council-



Cutting Edge Television 

With  Host  James L. Rodger

Daring to go beyond the edge of common understandings. 


Now reaching over  5.5 million  Viewers

Coast to Coast






SINCE 1993


Do you you know what's over your head?  The sky wasn't always like it appears lately you know.   Most important did you know it's killing you?

"And they will drop gourds of ashes which will scorch the Earth and kill all living things upon which they fall.."

10,000 year old HOPI Prophecy

Brought to you Courtesy the Allison-Wolf Report...Western News Services.


The Golden Braid 

Searching for

 Christ in Ancient  America 

 Overwhelming Historical Archeological Evidence, Oral Legends. and the Original Sacred Texts of the Apostles tell us Jesus was in Ancient America ... Sharing the Greater vision, the life and teachings of the Pale Prophet , as he was known in the Ancient Americas . There is a bigger story that has been hidden...

   Golden Braid Ministries

  Are there Really  Spirits in the World?

   Remarkable real life stories....

    Is everything you see what it appears to be ? 

Don't be too certain... Truth can be stranger than fiction. And all that is real is not always seen by the naked eye.



 Riding Those Old Spanish Trails

What's. Papa-Wolf up to these days.


" Most Western Heros were dead by the time they were 35, some just kept riding for the high country and now you hear about them in songs around the camp fires... "

Western Artist~ Tim Cox

Authors Artists  Spotlight

~TIM COX ~ Western Artist a rising master

        Tim Cox not only my favorite, Tim is also one of the best known Western Artists in America.   He was born in 1957 in Safford, Arizona and grew up in the small farming and ranching community of Duncan, near the New Mexico state line.  Tim's paintings have appeared on over 110 magazine covers through the years, and he has been featured in articles in at least 16 different publications, including Southwest Art, Western Horseman, Art of the West, American Cowboy, and Mountain Trails..


BOOK'S n THINGS   by Dr. Ghost Wolf

The Original Buffalo Mining & Trading Co.

(Bazillions of Beads by Shoshanna)

Santa Fe New Mexico  & Atlanta Georgia

  If you enjoyed this site support the work, and would like to know more about what is presented here  Order Dr. Ghost Wolf's Books



Some time we gotta to get back to basics 

click on image

HEALING TREE           Under Construction  


 Secrets From The Sacred Woods

         Grandmother Kitty's Sacred Healing Knowledge

   What you are going to need to know, when there is no more Wall-Mart _ what to do, where to get it, where it grows, Books, Music, Twigs, Leaves and Crystals that enhance your life  Along with other incredible stuff that you just have to experience.  A Family Resource Center for Natural Healing  Secrets of natural healing and the latest remarkable products available to you for enhanced living and natural remedies.



Full Moon
98.1% of Full
Sat 12 Jul, 2003

moon phases

All things done in balance and at the correct time  create harmony in experience

 Life's Little Secrets


E-mail Dr. Ghost Wolf


Because of the public nature of this web site  and the conditions of the world. we can not accept downloads.  If you want to share we appreciate that so PLEASE

 Mail your  disk to the

Buffalo Mining & Trading Company  223 N Guadalupe St.  #178  Santa Fe. NM   87501




Wolf   Lodge  Foundation

The Original Star Lodge

At Star Lodge  our eyes, our hearts and minds are no longer shut.   We are not a tribe, we are a species, and amongst us walk your children.  Your Children who have chosen to awaken to their True Self.   We are the children of all of our Grandfathers and Grandmothers.   All of them, Through our veins flows their blood, and through our hearts flow their spirits.   We know that these are the last days of the Old dream, and that we are experiencing The War of Valued Life.    All of humanity is now walking a path from which there is no return, our final Rites of Passage.  Stive to be kind to one another, and forgiving, of anothers mistakes,  and honoring of ways others may have that might differ from your own .   We are headed for difficult days, and  it will take all of us holding hamds to get through these days I speak of.  Walk softly upon this Earth.    Always thinking of the next seven generations.  Waddo


The Spirit  of America

  Some things are still worth taking a stand for...

      Please take a moment, and make the effort to remember your Veterans.    

 Freedom does have a price, and the heart does have a memory.  That soldier on the battlefield was once some mothers little baby... some ones husband, brother or sister... Without them most wouldn't be able to complain about things back home... They are on the line for you everyday !  Every Day, they are under the gun,  Every day they are doing acts of compassion you do not hear on the media news. Show them you care, and you remember. 


                  AMERICA FIRST




BUYING AMERICAN _ KEEPS THE JOBS HERE AT HOME and feeds families here in the U.S. of A.




Some of our Friends and Sponsors


air america radio


Dr. Ghost Wolf is a Member of the Lightstreams network

 Do visit my good friend and colleague

 Sir Laurence Gardner 

who is currently making a new movie with non other then Madonna


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Special thanks to Deb Harris

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Faiery Magic






   SOooo_ you're curious about those Nasty things some little people have put up on the Web about Ghost Wolf,  some say he's  like Geronimo...  a predator tiger from the desert for hapless victims.  Well, we all create the nature of our own realities, we are responsible for our own path.  There were no victims, only tale tales. .   Maybe just maybe, you just stumbled by this way 'cause you want to know a little about Ghost Wolf's  accusers, and their reptilian agendas.   OK let's put a little light o the subject.

You just may learn what really went down at the OK Corral?  .

     If there is evil in this world it is born out of the small minded  beings who having no life of their own,  feel compelled to criticize those who do.

 Sam will  be your special tour guide and get ready to get dirty...


Go-hi-yu-hi? ~ Respect--


She masquerades as a Native American disclosing frauds. She has wrongfully accused innocent people using fabricated lies, and creative stories...

Have you been victimized by Trisha ?  Many have.

 Well this "Plastic Indian" has tripped over her own feet....

TRISHA JACOBS... GET A REAL LIFE    http://www.trishajacobs.com/

IF THEY ARE NOT THROWING STONES AT YOU, THEN YOU AREN'T DOING YOUR JOB VERY WELL.....  A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes. ...Mark Twain   Qualify your sources,   

        From where I choose to view the world the wars are over. These frauds have mostly been exposed.  However that doesn't mean I am not watching, wolves always sleep with one eye open, until the Forces of Light complete the cycles of rebirth

You're the ones who called down the Thunder

people in glass houses should not through stones...

 " Rumor travels faster, but it don't stay put as long as truth. The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them. " _Will Rogers

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Truly, truly, I say to you,

He who believes in me will also do the works that I do;

and Greater Works than These will he do...

John 14